Pianos are gorgeous antique instruments. Moving this delicate and expensive instrument can definitely be a stressful and complicated job. Unless you have the proper training, tools, and expertise for moving a piano, you must never make this as a DIY project. If you consider moving your piano, it would be best if you ask the help from an expert piano mover since they have the equipment and proper training needed in terms of moving a piano and resembling it. To know more, here are the benefits you can get if you hire expert piano movers: 


Employing professional piano movers won’t just save your piano from dents, but it keeps you from getting injuries as well. A piano usually weighs 300 pounds above. Hence, trying to lift it yourself or even with the help of a friend might be hazardous. As soon as you lose your grip, you can possibly damage the property and harm your spine as well. The piano movers are trained to do this kind of job. Meaning, they can simply deal with this kind of load, which guarantees that you can prevent having fatal injuries.  


Moving a piano is a crucial and demanding task, involving the use of relevant and suitable equipment. Moving a piano from one place to another does not mean that it will be hauled into a big truck and transfer it. Instead, it’s about transferring the piano in and out of your home with extreme caution, which helps prevent moving it over long distances and property damages. The piano movers will utilize equipment like skids or moving pads, straps, moving dolly, and grip gloves to make the effortless transportation of pianos. Other experts might cover it with a blanket just to reduce the damages that might happen to the instrument.  

Prevent property 

Pianos vary in terms of size and shape and moving one can possibly lead to property damage. Imagine moving the piano along the staircase and it accidentally slips from your grasp. This can cause destruction to your property and it can be hazardous on your part. Hence, you can avoid getting property damages by hiring piano movers. The experts utilize particular techniques and tools, which makes the movement manageable and safer. The techniques and expertise from piano movers can minimize the likeliness of home damages such as dents or cracking of chipped paints. 

Saves money 

The idea that you can save money if you hire a piano mover may seem vague. However, you just have to think about the possibilities of damaging your piano’s pins, strings, or keys if you try moving it yourself. Repairing a piano could be pretty expensive. Hence, it is only reasonable to employ an expert. They can help you save some bucks by utilizing their skills when it comes to re-assembling and moving a piano if needed.  

Moving a piano is a difficult job particularly for amateurs. Because of this, it will be best to leave the job of moving a piano to the piano movers Seattle Cost