Maintain Your Level Washing Machine with These Tips 

Even though you prevent the loud distress alarm, the banging and shaking noises from an unstable washing machine can still be worrisome. Moreover, it can result in extra wear and tear that’ll just lead to a costly repair over time. Luckily, this is a simple issue to resolve. Below are 6 steps that can help you keep up your level washing machine

Assess the level 

Prior to doing anything to re-leveling your washing machine, you need to determine what the underlying issue is. You can test it using a carpenter’s bubble level. It should be placed on each side of the machine and then front to back. Observe where you can see the bubble. When a bubble isn’t centered, it would be best to continue doing the following steps. 

Inspect the back legs 

Usually, the washing machines’ back legs are self-leveling. As soon as the machine levels side to side, ask for assistance for tilting the machine headfirst so that you can resolve the back legs. Raise the washing machine off the floor by 3-4 inches and then put it down to adjust the back legs. When your washer doesn’t have self-adjusting back legs, you’ll have to adjust them manually similar to the manner you did the front legs of the washer.  

Inspect the front legs 

Regardless of the model, make, or the year, all washing machines are comprised with adjustable legs. Begin with the most accessible legs, which is located in the front and this can possibly do the job. Undo the lock nut on the legs and then modify the machine so that it’ll br placed low on the ground. Then, you have to fully screw in one leg and adjust the other legs if required to let the bubble move to the center. 

Tighten the lock nuts 

Once you neglect this step, your washing machine will become imbalanced again sooner or later, needing you to do all of these steps over and over. You can utilize the leveler to reassess the machine level side to side and front to back. When you think that you’re already done adjusting the legs, try to make sure that you have tightened the lock nuts well by rechecking each leg. To determine whether it shakes back and forth, try leaning up against the washing machine. If it doesn’t rock, your repair is already done. Otherwise, you still have to recheck the level and keep in repeating such steps until your machine is already balanced.  

Keep on checking it after every few months 

Inspect how often this happens, particularly when you observe too much noise. Also, you have to make sure that the level in a top loader is maintained. You can do this by evenly loading the clothes and not causing too much stress on the belts.  

Examine the washer 

Start your washer using a spin cycle and observe whether there’s any banging, vibrating, or rocking motion that occurs. Once it shakes while it’s running, you need to recheck the legs. The floor of your laundry room may have sinking areas that must be repaired.  

Have it checked by the experts 

If the problem happens all the time, it would be best to avail of the appliance repair Columbia services today.